Warning: Computers Crash - Are Your Precious Memories Safe?

Keep Your Precious Memories Protected with Just One Click!

We’re all guilty of letting our photos accumulate in random folders inside our home computers. We upload them after a special event or vacation and trust that our hard drives will protect our family memories.

But did you know that over 140,000 hard drives crash in the U.S. each week?

Spare yourself the heartache of losing your favorite photos and back them up easily and instantly with ThePhotoStick!

What is ThePhotoStick?

Imagine having the capability to sort through each of your photos and videos with little to no effort AND being able to keep these memories tucked safely away - That’s ThePhotoStick!

With ThePhotoStick you can save tens of thousands of photos and/or videos and never have to worry about losing them should something terrible happen to your computer.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Plug ThePhotoStick into your computer

Step 2: Open ThePhotoStick program

Step 3: Click ‘GO’….and Ta-Da! Your memories are now safe!

That really is it! No hassle. No recurring fees from gimmicky apps. Just one click and you’re DONE.

But I haven’t even shared with you ThePhotoStick’s other greatest feature…

When ThePhotoStick searches your computer for photos and videos, it identifies duplicates and automatically saves a single version – maximizing storage space!

ThePhotoStick is truly a miracle time-saving device

Just think about it: Searching through your photos, removing duplicates, saving, and organizing into folders would normally take HOURS and HOURS. But it can now be done for you with just one click of a button!

How to Start Protecting Your Precious Memories

It’s easy! You can get ThePhotoStick today for only $34.99. Or you can increase your photo storage space by upgrading to 8X the storage for ONLY $15.00 more!

So skip the expensive external hard drives that can’t deliver a fraction of the value of ThePhotoStick. Order yours today and protect all of your past and future treasured family memories. 


As of today, you can still get ThePhotoStick for up to 50% OFF!

- Safe storage of 1000s of photos & videos
- One-click uploading
- Instant filtering of duplicate photos


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