Music and MP3 Player

Xtra-PC provides several music and MP3 player app options: “VLC”, “Audacious”, and “Rhythmbox”. You can choose to install one or more of these apps when running the Xtra-PC Initial Install Wizard.

Any of these apps will play CDs, MP3s, and other audio formats. Each has a different user interface, so you can pick and choose which suits your needs and tastes best.

To start listening, go to the Start menu (the blue X in the lower left corner), then “Media,” then, depending on what you chose to install, select either “VLS”, “Audacious”, or “Rhythmbox.”

Once the app is open, either plug in a music CD or access your MP3s and other audio files from your removable device or wherever you have them stored. Once you’ve done this, you can listen to your music.

Video demonstrating opening Audacious and Rhythmbox media players: