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Xtra-PC drive works on macOS and Windows computers

Transform Your Outdated Computer with Xtra-PC Ultra

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Three versions of Xtra-PC Ultra starting at less than $35:

Xtra-PC 16GB drive, Black with Xtra-PC logo

Xtra-PC Ultra (16GB)

Xtra-PC Ultra 16GB gives you blazing speed for surfing the internet, watching videos, and gaming. 

Xtra-PC Ultra's compact size is perfect for laptops and desktops!

✔️ Affordable 

✔️ Compact USB stick

✔️ 16GB of storage

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Xtra-PC 32GB drive, Black with Xtra-PC logo

Xtra-PC Ultra (32GB)

Xtra-PC Ultra 32GB gives you even more blazing speed and storage!

Surf the internet, watch and download videos up to 2x faster with Xtra-PC Ultra 32GB.

✔️ Faster than Ultra 16

✔️ 2X the storage of Ultra 16

✔️ 32GB of storage

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Xtra-PC 64GB drive, Black with Xtra-PC logo

Xtra-PC Ultra (64 GB)

Xtra-PC Ultra 64GB gives you speed, large storage capacity AND FileRez software.

With 64GB of storage, Xtra-PC Ultra provides you with all of the speed and storage you may need.

✔️ FileRez software included 

✔️ Faster than Ultra 16 & 32

✔️ 64GB storage

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What Others Are Saying About Xtra-PC:


A Product That Works As Advertised

There is nothing to dislike - it works simply and as advertised - I was skeptical, but could not afford to buy another computer, yet wanted to play games and stay connected. This product allowed me to do that without anxiety or stress. It is simple to install and worked immediately.

Faye D.


Honest and Reliable Experience

As I am experienced service man working with computers for a long time believe me when saying: Xtra PC is very useful boot Tool for saving all users important Data (such as Documents, Pictures, Videos and all other files) on corrupted windows operating systems. Also, it can be very useful tool for diagnosing and testing of unknown hardware (skilled technicians know what I'm talking about).

Ljuba J.


It Works!

Had an old HP all in one that was all but useless due to slow speed. Hooked this device to it and viola, had a neat birthday gift for my granddaughter. She uses it for homework and games. Worth the price.

Loren W.